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Difference between configurations and fingerprints

What are browser configurations?

A configuration is a set of data collected based on real browsers and devices. When selecting a specific configuration in the program when creating a browser profile, all fingerprints of your system will be replaced with fingerprints from the configuration.

What does a configuration include?

Each configuration consists of the following parameters:


Screen resolution

WebGL parameters

Navigator parameters

HTTP headers




Window object parameters

… and other necessary parameters for operation.

Some parameters can be randomized or disabled in the profile’s system settings.

Advantages of using configurations

What makes our configurations better than randomly generated fingerprints?

In other solutions, you usually generate a system fingerprint completely randomly and you don’t have the ability to choose the fingerprint you need based on fine-tuned settings.

System inconsistencies are eliminated, so you won’t be able to create a profile, for example, on iOS with a non-existent screen resolution.

Real browser and device data, which allows you to bypass anti-fraud systems with a high probability. Each configuration is used by only one person.

Using configurations in Undetectable

In Undetectable, you are provided with a choice of free configurations (the number depends on the tariff), and you also have the option to connect configurations purchased by you in the store. With the specified parameters, you can quickly select the desired configuration from the list provided. More information about configuration management can be found in this article.