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Integrations with proxy services

There are several ways to connect a proxy to the Undetectable browser.

In this section, we will discuss the simple setup of a proxy when creating a new browser profile. This method is best suited for beginners. For mass adding and managing proxies, it is better to use a proxy manager. Additionally, Undetectable can integrate with partners, allowing you to directly pass proxies from service stores through their API.

Step-by-step connection of a proxy to Undetectable

  1. Purchase suitable proxies from specialized services.

Find out which types of proxies are best suited for your goals and get a list of the most popular stores in a separate section (link to proxy types).

  1. Copy the IP address and authentication data.

You need to find the proxy data that you purchased. This includes the host, port, login, and password. In some cases, authentication data (login and password) may be absent, for example, if you are using free public proxies.

Available recording formats:

  • host:port |login:password
  • host:port:login:password
  • host:port @login:password
  • login:password |host:port
  • login:password:host:port
  • login:password @host:port
  • host:port
  1. Start creating a new proxy in Undetectable.

In the menu for creating a new profile (link to profile creation), or in the settings of an already created profile, select the “General” tab. In the proxy section, click on the dropdown list and select “New Proxy”.

  1. Select the proxy type and paste the data.

In the appeared menu, click on the list to select the proxy protocol (link to proxy types). In the adjacent field, paste the host, port, login, and password that you copied earlier.

  1. Add a link to change the IP address.

This functionality is used in mobile proxies. Learn more about setting up this feature here (link to Mobile proxies and IP change by link). If you did not receive this data when purchasing the proxy, leave this field untouched.

  1. Check the proxy.

A special button will allow you to quickly check the functionality of the proxy. If the proxy is working correctly, a country icon will appear, and the icons for Google, Facebook, and Yandex will light up green. Learn more about proxy checking (link to proxy checking).

  1. Enter the proxy name and save.

Done! You can change the proxy in already created profiles or add new ones in a similar way.