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Pricing Plans Overview

In this article, we provide a detailed overview of the pricing plans available in Undetectable. Our plans are diverse and designed for different categories of users, including those who prefer free options and those who are looking for maximum customization and functionality, both for solo work and for collaborative use in team projects. Regardless of your needs, Undetectable provides the means to ensure your online security and privacy.

You can familiarize yourself with the pricing plans on the website, in the pricing section.

Common Features in Paid Plans

Local Profiles: All plans allow for the creation and use of local profiles without any limitations on quantity.

Cloud Profiles: All plans include access to cloud profiles, but with different limits depending on the chosen plan.

Access to Configuration Store: All plans provide access to the configuration store, which allows for the additional purchase of browser fingerprints.

Export of Cookie Files: All plans offer the ability to export cookie files.

Mass Profile Creation: The ability for mass profile creation is available on all plans.

Cookie Bot for Session Warming: The cookie bot feature for session warming is also available on all plans.

Local API: Available on all plans.

Browser Extension Support: Available on all plans, including the free plan.

Differences Between Plans


This plan is free and limited in the number of cloud profiles and default configurations. Currently, it offers 5 cloud profiles and 10 free configurations.

Additional cloud profiles can be purchased, and browser extensions are supported. However, purchasing configurations, proxy export and import, cookies export and import, mass profile creation, and API access are not available.

It is perfect for getting acquainted with Undetectable, checking fingerprints, and small solo projects where work is done manually. Access is only for one user.


Ideal for solo work and automation. As described earlier, it has almost full functionality, except for the ability to connect to private storage, export proxies, and local profiles. Importing local profiles and proxy access are available. This plan is designed for medium-scale projects.

Additional users can be purchased on this plan. If the number of cloud profiles and configurations is sufficient, this option may be suitable for a team of 3 people, where the subscription price will be $89. The team will have access to 50 cloud profiles, 25 default configurations (which can be purchased additionally), and unlimited local profiles.


The professional plan includes full functionality, unlike the Base plan, with the addition of the ability to import/export local profiles and proxy servers. It also provides more configurations (50 compared to 25) and cloud profiles (100 compared to 50).

By default, it includes 2 users. Similar to the Base plan, additional users can be purchased.


The most advantageous solution for large projects and big teams. No limitations in functionality, it is possible to connect a private server for unlimited cloud profile storage, but additional cloud profiles can also be purchased on Undetectable servers (unlike Base and Professional). User acquisition is available.

By default, 200 cloud profiles, 5 users, and 100 browser configurations are available.


Local profiles - browser profiles stored locally on your device.

Cloud profiles - browser profiles stored on Undetectable servers. Suitable for synchronization between different devices.

Users - accounts invited to work within the account.

Browser configurations - browser fingerprints with the possibility of additional uniqueness.

Private storage (private server) - functionality that allows transferring cloud profiles to a private server. When using this feature, the number of cloud profiles will be limited only by the characteristics of your server.

Proxy export - the ability to mass export proxies through the proxy manager.

Proxy import - the ability to mass import proxies through the proxy manager.

Export local profiles - functionality for exporting local profiles in a .prof file format.

Import local profiles - functionality for importing local profiles from files in .prof format.

Local API - allows automating work with profiles by writing scripts. Available for browser profiles based on the Chromium core.

Export cookies - exporting cookies from the browser profile to a JSON file.

Mass profile creation - functionality that facilitates work and allows creating the required number of browser profiles in a couple of clicks.

Cookies-bot for profile warming - a bot for automatically visiting selected websites (or popular websites in selected geos) to collect cookies.

Browser extensions support - the ability to install browser extensions from the Chrome Web Store. Browser extensions are only available for profiles created on the Chromium core.