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Cookies Bot and Website Generator

In the world of traffic arbitrage, the secret to success lies in the ability to maintain a high level of trust with your advertising platform accounts. This trusted status ensures a longer account lifespan, simplifies the moderation process, and allows you to work with larger budgets. One of the key components of trust is the presence of collected cookies. In this article, we will explore how to use the cookies bot and website generator within the Undetectable Browser to make this process more efficient and automated.

What are Cookies and Why Collect Them

Before we delve into the topic of the cookies bot, let’s talk about the essence of “cookies” themselves. Cookies are small pieces of code that store information about a user and their interactions with websites. This data can include login credentials, user actions, and more.

So why is it necessary to collect cookies? On advertising platforms like Google and Facebook, trust in new accounts is a valuable resource. If an account is considered untrustworthy, meaning it lacks a history and data of its activity, the likelihood of it being blocked or restricted in advertising activities significantly increases.

Collected cookies allow the verification algorithms of advertising platforms to ensure that the account is being used by a regular person who regularly visits various websites and behaves naturally online.

Website Generator: Creating Random Lists

However, collected cookies are only half of the equation. It is also important to ensure that these cookies are collected from websites that match the geographical parameters and language on which your advertising campaigns will be conducted. This is where the Website Generator comes in.

The popular website generator is a tool that creates lists of popular websites randomly, taking into account the geographical parameters on which you want to run your advertising campaigns. The generated lists will be automatically used when working with cookies bots.

The website generator is already integrated into the cookies bot of the Undetectable Browser. This means that all you need to do is select the desired geographical location and the number of websites, and the bot will automatically find sites that match your parameters.

How the Cookies Bot Works

The cookies bot in the Undetectable Browser provides a wide range of settings and functionalities for efficient cookie collection. Here is a list of options:

  1. Browser Engine Selection You can choose which browser engine the bot will work with profiles on.
  2. Profile Selection and Filters The bot allows you to sort profiles and apply filters for working with local profiles and tags.
  3. Script Type You can choose how pages will be opened - randomly or in order.
  4. Image Loading This option allows you to choose whether images will be loaded on the opened websites. Disabling images can help save traffic when using proxies.
  5. IP Address Change If you need to change the IP address, the bot can perform this task according to proxy settings.
  6. Timer Selection You can set a fixed or random timer for more natural bot behavior.
  7. Top Websites Generator This built-in service, described earlier, allows you to select websites based on the specified geographical location.
  8. Import and Manually Filled Website Lists You can import a list of websites from a file or manually fill in the list of addresses without using the popular website generator.
  9. Logs and Monitoring The bot provides detailed logs and process monitoring.

You can gather cookies manually, but it is only effective if you have a small number of accounts. If you need to manage multiple accounts, the manual method becomes impractical.

For arbitrageurs who want to focus on strategy development, creativity, and analysis, automating the process of gathering cookies becomes indispensable. This is where the Cookie Bot from Undetectable Browser comes to the rescue.