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In which folder are profiles stored and can it be changed?

The storage location of profiles can be found in the settings in the “Main" tab. The storage folder can be changed to another one. Clicking on the “Path to the profile folder” field opens options for interacting with ready-made profiles (they can be left in the old folder, copied or moved to a new one).

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How do I set an empty tab for the start page?

In the field of the start page, you need to specify about:blank.

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How do I set multiple start pages?

In the home page field, you need to specify the sites separated by a space.

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How do I transfer local profiles to another device?

Use the export/import profiles function in the Profile Manager window.

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How to set a folder/tag/proxy for multiple profiles?

It is convenient to do this from the profile manager. Select the required profiles and right-click on them, in the context menu that appears, click on the required value.

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How do I export cookies/accounts from multiple profiles?

To do this, go to the profile manager, select the necessary profiles, right-click on them (thereby calling the context menu) and select the necessary export.

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How do I insert text as a person?

To do this, use the Ctrl + b hotkeys or right-click on the text field and select “Insert as a person.”

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How do I run a script on a page in a browser?

To add your own script, follow these steps:

  1. open Settings;
  2. go to the Scripts tab;
  3. in the New script field, add the script code;
  4. in the Script Name field, add the required name;
  5. click the Add button, after which the new script will appear in the list;
  6. click on the check-box of the required script from the list;
  7. click the Save button.

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During authorization an error "The limit has been reached" appears, what should I do?

This error is caused by the fact that you have reached your limit of active sessions. Probably, the program was closed incorrectly during the last use and the session remained active. In order to close these sessions you need to perform the following actions:

  1. go to the page and log in;
  2. go to the Sessions tab;
  3. Select the session you want to close (or all sessions);
  4. select the Delete function in the Actions column (if you select more than one session, the Disconnect button appears. No data will be lost in local and closed cloud profiles when you disconnect a session.

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