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The bot's functionality allows you to set up automatic site browsing during a selected period of time. At the moment, the bot alternately launches the selected profiles and runs them through the list of site addresses that the user sets. In the future, it is planned to develop the capabilities of the bot. Let's take a closer look at the bot interface:

  1. Filters by folders and tags;
  2. Drop-down list for selecting the required profiles;
  3. Drop-down list for selecting the type of script (run pages randomly or in order);
  4. A drop-down list for selecting a timer (fixed or random within a given limit);
  5. Check-box to upload or not to upload images on the sites you open;
  6. A field for manually filling in the list of site addresses;
  7. A button for importing a list of addresses from a file;
  8. Link to the address list generation service;
  9. Logs of the bot's work;
  10. Control button reset parameters and start ()after starting, the stop and pause buttons appear).

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